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As a global total logistics corporate,
SHINHAN Sea and Air Cargo Inc,
leads the global total logistics fields including marine transportation, air transportation, bonded transportation, bonded warehouse, storage, bulk-project cargo, 3PL, and Eurasia rail transportation.
With the best specialists in various sectors, we have grown every year since its foundation in 2009.

We accelerate new services including TSR/TCR/TMGR/TIR with the expansion of our business based on the partnership with globally recognized enterprises into the Americas, Europe, China, Asia and Far East. Wherever you are, no matter what cargo it is, we provide you with the best service to meet your needs and the characteristics of your cargo.

We can also guarantee quickness and accuracy from the real-time information on the status of all cargo with high-tech security, and observation system and systemic Overseas Networks.

We offers one-step-in-front service to convert our service to your competitiveness and continue to find a market based on the analysis on changing international logistics context and its trend. At the same time, we are trying to leap forward the future with the future-leading logistics network research and the constant investment on expert personnel training.

We promise to give you the best satisfaction with our expertise defying comparison, accumulated know-hows, and zero-margin-of-error service.

SHINHAN Sea and Air Cargo Inc.